Dispelling Ceramic Myths- An Introductory Workshop

Dispelling Ceramic Myths

A one-day introductory workshop taught by Julia Haft-Candell and Lizbeth Navarro

This one day workshop is a friendly, forgiving introduction to clay, or a way to reconnect with the material.

Your instructors will show several different methods of creating forms in clay, and in the process dispel unnecessary myths associated with ceramics, saving you time, energy, and hopefully removing fear from the ceramic process.

By the end of the day you will have built and glazed a ceramic object, which will be fired and made available to pick up at your convenience.

This is a safe and non-judgmental space, all are welcome and encouraged.

Sliding scale rates are available, from $150-$450. We ask that if you can pay more, please do; it makes the class more accessible to those with less means.

Saturday July 23, 10am-3pm, with light refreshments served.

The class will be held outside, at Julia's studio in Glassell Park.

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