Majolica Workshop

Majolica Workshop: Fall 2022

Instructors: Jackie Rines and Julia Haft-Candell


A one-day class taught by Jackie Rines and Julia Haft-Candell

In this introductory workshop participants will be introduced to the exciting world of historical and contemporary Majolica glaze through a slide presentation, demo, and application. Majolica is a centuries old glaze technique first developed by the Assyrians around the eighth century. Named for it's use in Spain, further popularized in Italy, it's known for its toasty warm terracotta base and white “canvas” for painting a wide range of colors, designs or imagery on top. Students will learn to prepare color, different brushing styles and resist/sgraffito glaze techniques. Each student will paint two terracotta test tiles and one 15’’ oval serving platter. The platter and tiles will be fired and available for pick up the following weekend. 


*No prior ceramics experience required!* This is a safe and non-judgmental space, all are welcome and encouraged. 


Saturday October 22, 10am-3pm

At the studio in Glassell Park, Los Angeles

Sliding scale pricing from $450-$850. If you can pay more, please do! Your generosity keeps the infinite school accessible to lower income students.

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(above image: platter by Betty Woodman, 2004)