Scholarships and Tuition

The Emergent Scholarship

The Emergent Scholarship is a community-funded scholarship for students by students. Aimed at providing free build big courses for future Infinite students, our ultimate goal is increasing the ratio of scholarship vs full-tuition students 2:1. The fund seeks to cultivate a community of makers beyond institutional models and promote democratized access to ceramic education that isn’t contingent on finances, space, or equipment. Priority is given to QTBIPoC.

Apply for the Emergent Scholarship (applications closed)

Workstudy Discount

Available to one student per session, work-study recipients will help set up, clean up, load and unload kilns. Discounted tuition will be $950.

Apply for work-study discount


Tuition for The Infinite School classes covers all materials and firings. Our goal is that no one should be prohibited from learning at the infinite school due to finances.

If you or your organization is interested in providing scholarship funding to The Infinite School, please contact

You can also donate via venmo; our user name is @theinfiniteschool, or scan the qr code below. All donations go directly to purchasing clay and covering firing costs for student work. Thank you!


Thank you to BZIPPY for supporting three years of students through your generous contributions to the SCULPT scholarship! 

The SCULPT Scholarship is currently paused for the foreseeable future